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Members of the Corvid family, which includes ravens, crows, magpies, and jays, are highly intelligent. They have complex social structures, can remember human faces, judge the fairness of a deal, and will hold grudges against people that they feel have treated them unfairly. 1)

Upside down

Flamingos can eat only when their head is upside down. 2)

Flying backwards

Hummingbirds are the only known bird species that can fly backward, upside down, and hover in the air. This ability makes it possible for hummingbirds to sip nectar from flowers. 3)


These large birds, with a wingspan reaching 3.7 meters, are the most efficient travelers, can travel 10,000 miles in a single journey and circumnavigate the globe in 46 days. Albatrosses can live over 60 years and spend up to five years at sea without touching land. 4)


The ostrich is the largest living bird in the world today. It is also the fastest running bird. The emu is the second-largest bird in the world alive today. 5)

Egg 1/4 of a body weight

Some birds lay huge eggs. A female kiwi can lay an egg that weighs as much as 1/4 of her body weight. 6)

Largest eggs in the world

The largest eggs in the world are ostrich eggs. They have a volume of several dozen chicken eggs. 7)

Fly over the Himalayas

Indian geese can fly over the Himalayas at 10,000 meters above sea level, a remarkable feat. 8)

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