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Mesopotamia 4000 BC

The first production of beer took place around 6000 ago in Mesopotamia. At that time it was considered the best, noble occupation for women. 1)

Color vs alcohol

The color of the beer has nothing to do with the alcohol content. 2)

No hops no problem

It is possible to make beer without hops. Hops in beer are only an additive that improves the flavor. 3)

Dark glass

Beer bottles are made of dark glass because dark glass retains more solar radiation than white glass, which is responsible for the breakdown of the compounds found in hops. 4)

Beer is the third most popular drink in the world right after water and tea. It is the most common alcoholic beverage. 5)


In ancient Egypt, beer was believed to be a drink that could be used to cure diseases. 6)

The reason for wheat

According to Manfred Heun of the University of Life Sciences in Oslo, beer production may have been the main reason humans started growing wheat. 7)

The patron saint

The patron saint of hop-pickers and Belgian breweries is Arnold of Soissons. 8)

Soft-drink in Russia

It is only since 2011 that beer has been considered alcohol in Russia. 9)

Diluting beer

According to the Code of Hammurabi, an innkeeper who dares to dilute beer deserves the death penalty. 10)

Wife-carrying prize

The main prize in the wife-carrying competition is as many liters of beer as the winner's wife weighs. 11)

Beer for cows

The Kobe cows whose meat is used to make the most expensive beef in the world are served beer to whet their appetites. 12)

Workers who built the Egyptian pyramids received beer with bread as part of their pay. 13)

Beer to home

Carlsberg Brewery brought a direct source of beer to his home in 1922 after Danish physicist Niels Bohr was awarded the Nobel Prize as recognition. 14)

Record for carrying beer

German Oliver Struempfel set a Guinness record by carrying 25 full beer mugs 40 meters. 15)

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