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Bears eat everything

Brown bears eat everything they find and can hunt. These include mushrooms, seeds, bird eggs, earthworms, small forest animals, snails, and fish. Of course, they also love honey. 1)

Bears recognize colors

Unlike most mammals, bears recognize colors. In nature, nothing happens without a cause. Bears recognize colors because they feed on fruits, and this ability allows them to find food in leaves and grass. 2)

Smelly feet

Bears have a better sense of smell than humans and even better than dogs. Because their sense of smell is so well-developed, they can use it to communicate with each other. 3)

Living on their mother

Baby bears spend the first weeks of their lives literally on their mother. They are so vulnerable that they huddle tightly in her fur to avoid contact with the cold ground. Thanks to this protection, they can survive. 4)

Black bears

Black bears are found only in North America. The species ranges from Canada in the North to Mexico in the South and lives mainly in forests, feeding on fruits, nuts, and vegetation. 5)

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