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Katherine “Kathy” Kane was a Gotham socialite who first appeared in comic books in 1956. Kathy, a character created by Edward Hamilton and Sheldon Moldoff, was an heiress who was abducted by the caped crusader. She chose to combat crime in Gotham on her own, and she did it by disguising her bat-accessories as common goods. She disguised her equipment as lipstick, hairnets, and beauty compacts in a utility purse instead of a belt. 1)

The Original Batwoman Was Bruce Wayne’s Love Interest

Kathy Kane was originally obsessed with Batman, which inspired her to replicate his crime-fighting abilities. When Batman discovered the lady beneath the mask's identity, she became an extension of the Bat Family. Kathy and Bruce were once in a relationship, but it didn't last. Despite the fact that she hadn't appeared in a comic for years, Catwoman remained the more popular love interest.2)

Batwoman Trained Bat-Girl

Barbara Gordon may be the most well-known Batgirl these days, but when authors were intent on expanding the Bat Family, another Bat-Girl came first. Kathy's cousin Betty came to see her. When she did so, the younger girl discovered her aunt was a superhero. Rather of merely attempting to persuade Betty to maintain her secret, Kathy educated her. Kathy assumed that if Betty realized how tough the job was, she would be disinclined to pursue a career as a cop. Betty proved her aunt incorrect, becoming Bat-Girl and her aunt's first official sidekick. 3)

Batwoman Has A Twin Sister

Kate Kane, the contemporary Batwoman, grew up in a military family. Her family, which included her mother and twin sister Elizabeth, moved a lot since her father was stationed all over the world. Kate thought she had lost both her mother and her sister when all three were apprehended. Kate wasn't the only survivor of the catastrophe, as it turned out. 4)

She Received A Dishonorable Discharge

Kate Kane, like her father before her, enlisted in the military. However, after completing her training at West Point, Kate began a love involvement with another female cadet. When asked with the connection by her superiors, Kate acknowledged to it, despite training during the “don't ask, don't tell” era. As a result, Kate was no longer permitted to continue in her position. 5)

Nightwing Had A Crush On Her

Nightwing stepped away from Gotham for a spell. Batwoman was a key character when he resurfaced in the 52 series published by DC Comics in the mid-2000s. He instantly paired up with her and made his feelings for her clear. After hitting on her repeatedly, Nightwing handed her a gift: a “official” batarang to replace the ones she created herself. 6)

Batwoman Has At Least 3 Tattoos

On her arm is a Green Beret emblem. It's a dead ringer like the one her mother had, and it was most certainly acquired during military training. Another detail on her back is a nautical star. Historically, the nautical star has been popular among personnel of the United States Navy and Marine Corps. Her third tattoo has nothing to do with her military service. The bluebird wears a scar on her shoulder from the “Zero Year” storyline. 7)

There Are Many Batwoman

In DC Comics, there are many distinct versions of the same characters due to multiple histories and a wide universe. Batwoman appears in almost two dozen various guises. Of course, there are various variants of Kathy and Kate Kane. Another well-known name took on the garb of Batwoman in the Elseworlds. Selina Kyle is the person in question. 8)

She Dated Maggie Sawyer And Renee Montoya

When Kate Kane's version of the character first appeared, she was the love interest of Detective Renee Montoya. While she and Renee dated for a long time, her more well-known romance was probably with Maggie Sawyer. Kate began dating Maggie just a few years after her debut. Maggie, like Renee, was a police officer who finally discovered Kate's double identity. Even though the two eventually split up (more than once), parallel reality versions of their characters generally end up together. 9)

Alice Caused Batwoman To Hallucinate

Kate Kane was unaware that “Alice” was her sister throughout their early clashes. Time and a supervillain makeover transformed her appearance. Alice, on the other hand, was well aware of their relationship. Alice produced a poisoned sword she had hidden in her mouth as Batwoman restrained her. Alice escaped by slashing Batwoman's cheek, and Kate found herself seeing visions from her past all around her. 10)

Stealthy As Batman

Everyone knows that Batman has the ability to vanish so silently that it's as if he never existed. It's even been made into a joke in the movies. He's not the only one who can accomplish it without superpowers. Kate Kane has honed her stealth skills to the point that she can even sneak up on Batman himself. She's done it - and was able to surprise him. 11)

Her Cousin Is In The Teen Titans

Kate Kane spent her formative years as a gymnast preparing for military service, whilst her cousin Bette spent her formative years practicing to be a superhero. Bette's former incarnation was Flamebird, yet in more recent comics she goes by a different superhero name after training with Kate. Flamebird, unlike Batwoman, did not do it alone as a vigilante, but instead formed a squad. 12)

She Was Supposed To Be A Justice League Member

Kate Kane appeared to be a significant role in DC's series Justice League: Cry For Justice. Batwoman was revealed as a member of the squad and even appears on the first issue's cover. She didn't linger long. The publisher turned what was supposed to be a continuing series into a miniseries. Instead of standing alone, the miniseries was utilized to build up a new Justice League title. When the sixth issue was issued, James Robinson put a note in the text explaining why Batwoman wasn't on the squad when the alterations occurred.13)

She Can't Have A Happy Ending

The creative team behind Batwoman's book left not long after her iconic proposal hit comic book shelves. Williams and Blackmore highlighted creative issues, the most significant of which being that DC Comics “forbade” Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer's wedding. The official DC line was that heroes, particularly those in the Bat Family, couldn't have pleasant personal lives. That dissatisfaction, it appears, is what pushes them to be heroes in the first place. This explains why Bruce Wayne, Barbara Gordon, and Dick Grayson see so much tragedy. 14)

Religious Choices

Kate Kane appears in the DC Infinite Holiday Special in 2006, although her narrative was not about Christmas. Instead, she reminisced with an old acquaintance about Hanukkah, retrieved a stolen menorah, and reconciled a split family. She was dating Renee Montoya at the time, so they spent the holiday together. The narrative that followed the special revealed more than simply her ancestry, as writers wanted to flesh out her past. 15)

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