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Bats, like many mammals, sleep through the winter months. 1)

Low body temperature during hibernation

During hibernation, the body temperature of bats decreases significantly - barely a degree or two more than the ambient temperature. 2)

Heads down

Bats are one of the few animals that can hang heads down for long periods of time. 3)

Not aggressive

Bats need not be feared - contrary to popular belief, they do not attack humans. 4)

Feed on insects

Bats feed on insects, consuming significant amounts of them - one bat can eat up to 3,000 mosquitoes in a night. 5)

Symbol of good luck

In ancient China, the bat was a symbol of good luck. 6)

Only mammales to fly

Bats are the only mammals with the ability to actively fly. 7)

Everywhere except Antarctica

Bats are found on every continent except Antarctica. 8)

Eat in flight

Bats often consume their food in flight. 9)


Fruit and nectar-eating bats play an important role in plant reproduction. 10)


In Europe, all bats are insectivorous. 11)


A researcher who deals with bats is a chiropterologist. 12)


One of the most popular abilities of bats, echolocation is locating using echoes. 13)

Feeding buzz

“Feeding buzz” is when a bat's echolocation signals intensify. It occurs as the animal approaches its prey. 14)

Bat's fingers

The four fingers of the bat's arm are bound together by a flight membrane, while the thumbs are free and used, for example, for grasping. 15)

Bat spit

A chemical compound that is extracted from bat saliva has medicinal uses, acting as an anticoagulant. 16)

Bumblebee bat

The smallest bat lives in Thailand. It reaches a weight of 0.7 ounces. 17)

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