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Elizabeth Marie Tall Chief

Maria Tallchief, Elizabeth Marie Tall Chief was a famous American ballet dancer, a soloist with the Ballets Russes and the New York City Ballet. Her father was a chief of the Osage tribe. Tallchief was considered America's first great prima ballerina and the first such prominent ballet dancer of Indian descent. She repeatedly spoke out against stereotypes and prejudices about Indians. She was counted among the “Five Moons” - outstanding Indian ballet dancers born in the 1920s in Oklahoma. Her name was inducted into the U.S. National Pantheon of Women's Fame. 1)

Pas de deux

Pas de deux refers to a duet in classical ballet, a dance performed by the first male soloist and the first female soloist to showcase their dance artistry. 2)


A tutu is a short, stiff-waisted ballet skirt (parcel) that was born by gradually shortening the costume. It makes it easier to perform pirouettes, jumps, and complicated evolutions because it reveals the entire length of the ballerina's legs. This type of parka can be seen in many classical ballets, e.g. Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, or Coppelia. 3)


Rosin is a soft natural resin, a residue from the distillation of turpentine from the resin of coniferous trees (mainly pine). It has direct applications: in pharmacy recipes; as a good flux during soldering with tin-lead alloy; for rubbing the bristles of the strings of stringed instruments; in the past, handball players used colophony to lubricate their hands to improve the grip of the ball; in ballet and dance, it is used to obtain high adhesion of ballet shoes to the ground. 4)

War dance for men

The “Dance with Sabres” is a dance from the finale of the fourth (last) act of the ballet “Gayane” by Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian. It is a war dance for men. It combines many acrobatic figures with elements of fencing. It is the most famous composition by Khachaturian also thanks to its presence in the mass culture. 5)

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