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Star Anise

What is badian called in the culinary arts? The star anise. This plant's fruit and shoots are used to distill aniseed oil, which is added to liqueurs. The fruit is also used as a spice, especially in Dutch cuisine. The bark and fruit of Japanese badian are used as incense in Japan and Korea, and the plant is planted at temples and cemeteries. 1)

Aniseed oil

Aniseed oil is distilled from the fruit and shoots of badian and added to liqueurs. 2)


Anise oil is adulterated with badian oil, fennel oil, and synthetic anethole. Adulteration with fennel oil is easily detected by the polarimetric method (it is right-handed). The torsion of badian oil reaches +1°. Detection of adulteration is enabled by Driessen-Mareeuw and Dávida reactions. 3)

Poisoning fish

The toxic seeds of badian are used to poison fish. 4)

Documented insecticides

The plants were also the raw material for the first documented insecticides in 2nd century BC China. 5)

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