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Cocoa beans as currency

Cocoa beans were used as a means of payment in the Aztec country. One turkey cost 100 beans, and an avocado cost three. The countries conquered by the Aztecs paid tribute with cocoa beans. 1)


In the Aztec language, the word chocolate meant bitter water. The Aztecs drank a concoction made from cocoa beans and chilis. 2)

The Toltecs

The Toltecs is the name given to a little-known pre-Columbian culture from central Mexico, usually associated with the 10th-century city of Tula. The Toltecs were the mythical ancestors of the Maya and Aztecs that followed. 3)

The vast empire

During Montezuma's reign, the Mesoamerican federation stretched from modern-day Mexico City to Chiapas, with its capital in the beautiful city of Tenochtitlan. 4)

The decline

Between 1518 and 1521, Hernan Cortes and a group of Spanish conquistadors conquered the Aztec country (in what is now Mexico). 5)

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