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Many talents

Aristotle is known as one of the greatest philosophers in history, but in addition to this field, he was also involved in astronomy, minerals, meteorology, physics, and biology. 1)

Alexander's teacher

Aristotle passed on his knowledge to Alexander of Macedon. 2)


Aristotle was born in 384 BC in Stagira, a Greek colony located on the Chalcidian Peninsula. 3)


Aristotle's mother - Faestis, was a native of Chalkis. His father - Nikomachus was a physician and was nicknamed Asklepiad. 4)


The school established by Aristotle was called the Lyceum. It was also a meeting place in Athens. 5)

Apollo - Lyceus

The name of the school referred to the grove that was there before, which in turn was named after the god-wolf Lyceus. 6)


Raphael, commissioned by Julius II, painted a fresco between 1509 and 1511 depicting the meeting of two great ancient philosophers, namely Plato and Aristotle. 7)

Master of all those who know

Dante said of Aristotle that he was the master of all those who know. 8)

Subjected Plato's teachings

Aristotle subjected Plato's teachings and views, on ideas, to criticism, which is why he did not take up the position of leading Plato's Academy. 9)

Philosophical system

Aristotle developed a true and extremely interesting philosophical system according to which every person's knowledge comes from experience. 10)


Aristotle initiated a trend called Aristotelianism, which existed in various forms, depending on the era. The Christian variant of the movement was Thomism. 11)


Between 335 and 323 BC. Aristotle produced several important works, including Politics, Metaphysics, On the Soul, Poetics, and Nicomachean Ethics. 12)


Aristotle took Pythias as his wife. He and his wife had a daughter who was named after her mother. 13)


Aristotle became involved with Herpyllis after the death of his beloved Pythias and had a son with her. 14)


Aristotle died of natural causes in 322 BC. As his last will, he presented only his wish to be buried next to his wife. 15)

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