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Cursed Hair Color

Aquaman was born to the Queen of Atlantis, no less, but his blonde hair (at least in the comics) turned him into a public adversary due to the curse connected with such a hair color in Atlantean society. As a result, poor Aquaman was abandoned on a reef.1)

Saved By Dolphins

He was later saved and nurtured by dolphins until he met a lighthouse keeper called Arthur Curry (remember him? ), who taught him our human customs. 2)

Aquaman Has An Evil Brother

Aquaman was born to a queen, but his father was a dark magician. It's hardly surprising, therefore, that he has a nemesis half-brother named Orm. In the comics, Orm (the Ocean Master) has bad motives and ends up becoming Aquaman's antagonist due to, well, plain old-fashioned envy. 3)

Skills And Powers

The superhero and demigod is more than simply a stingray whisperer; he also has sway over aquatic life. This clearly makes him pretty dangerous for prospective foes, considering that if you meddle with him, he may command a swarm of sharks to murder you on the moment. 4)

Trident Of Neptune

This gorgeous weapon serves a function, such as regulating the weather and managing the sea tidal, among other things. It also has an aesthetic function in that it signifies our hero's royal blood. 5)

Aquaman was barely unknown when his debut comic (More Fun Comic #73) was published in 1941, but Green Arrow's appearance in that first issue drew a large number of readers and caused its worth and price to skyrocket. 6)

One Of The Seven Founding Justice League Members

In the comics, the Justice League has gone through several forms, each with its own origin story and DC heroes. Aquaman has been a founding member of every single version since the 1960s. 7)

Aquaman Is Usually Hand-less

Aquaman loses his hand in various comic book adaptations. He once lost it to piranhas, and another time his adversary Black Manta severed it. He ends up using a harpoon to replace the lost limb! 8)

Aquaman’s Wife is Super Powerful

Mera first appeared in comic books in 1963 as the queen of Dimension Aqua, mostly as a supporting figure to her husband. Modern authors, on the other hand, have concentrated on establishing Mera as a formidable hero in her own right. Her abilities include the ability to manipulate water, which she claims is powerful enough to “drag an entire army out to sea.” Not to mention Mera's ability to create items out of nothing but water. 9)


Aquaman and Mera welcomed their first child, Arthur Curry Jr., in 1964. Unfortunately, Aquababy died before becoming his father's student, since Black Manta, Aquaman's arch-enemy, murdered him shortly afterwards. We'd hate to see this made into a film Because it'd be agonizing to watch. 10)

Aquaman/Superman Show

Superman was the first comic book character to have an animated series in the 1940s. Aquaman, believe it or not, was the second DC hero to have his own series, following Clark Kent! In 1967, Filmation launched a series starring both of them called The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure. 11)

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa, who is of Hawaiian origin, has always been captivated by seas and what dwells inside them, which drove him to pursue a degree in marine biology. 12)

He Was the First Superhero to Get Married

One of the first superheroes to say “I do” was Aquaman. The demigod married his love interest Mera in 1964, according to the comics. Most superheroes were still chatting to their love interests at the time. 13)


In the comics, Aquaman has had a variety of sidekicks. Kaldur'ahm, alias Jackson Hyde, an adolescent with water manipulation abilities, sticks out the most since he is also the son of Aquaman's most despised foe, Black Manta. 14)

Powers On Land Too!

Aquaman is primarily powerful as a water creature, although he also has on-land powers. He possesses superhuman strength, like his friend Superman, and can also jump unnaturally high due to the agility he gained underwater. 15)

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