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Over 20,000 species

There are over 20,000 species of ants in the world. Of this number, 12,500 species have been classified to date. 1)


Ants communicate with each other using chemicals called pheromones. This is how they can warn each other of danger or tell each other how to get to where the food is. 2)

One task of the males

Male ants have only one task to perform. This is to copulate with the queen. After completing his task, the male ant can die peacefully — his mission is accomplished. 3)

130 million years ago

Ants appeared on Earth at about the same time as plants, 130 million years ago. Humans did not appear on our planet until 2 million years ago. 4)

Ants and aphids

Like humans, ants also have animals that they graze. They watch over and protect the aphids, which in return produce food — honeydew. 5)

Mycocepurus smithi

Mycocepurus smithi ants are a species with no males. It is the only species that reproduce asexually. Within the Mycocepurus smithi species, there are only genetically identical females. 6)

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