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Nevado Sajama

Nevado Sajama is a peak in the Andes Mountains in southwestern Bolivia, an extinct stratovolcano. It is the highest peak in that country. It rises to an elevation of 21,463 feet above sea level. It was first conquered in 1939. The mountain is located in Sajama National Park. 1)

Sword-billed hummingbird

The sword-billed hummingbird is a species of bird in the hummingbird family. Its body length is around 5.5 in and its weight is 0.4 oz. The beak alone measures nearly 4 inches. The sword-billed is found in the Andes. It feeds mostly on nectar, which it takes from plants whose flower takes the form of a long tube. It is the only species to pollinate the flowers of Passiflora mixta, which coevolved with the sword-billed beak, given the long flowers of the hummingbird-pollinated passionflower and the sword-billed's very long beak; in addition, their ranges mostly overlap. 2)

Highest situated city

La Rinconada is a city in southern Peru, in the Puno region. It is the highest situated city in the world: it lies in the Andes at an altitude of 16,732 feet above sea level. 3)


Puna is a high mountain vegetation formation characteristic of semi-desert and desert areas, with a dry and cool climate, found over a large area of the Andes. The typical vegetation is dry-stemmed bunchgrasses. 4)


The guinea pig is a traditional food in the Andes. Peruvians eat about 65 million of these rodents each year. Since the 1960s, marketing attempts have been made to convince the rest of the world to taste guinea pigs. 5)

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