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Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time causes issues for some Amtrak trains. Trains running at 2 a.m. during the Fall time change are required to come to a full stop for one hour to allow clocks to catch up to the train schedule. 1)

The Acela Express

The Acela Express is a high-speed train that runs between Boston and Washington, DC. Along the way it stops at the following cities: New Haven - New York - Philadelphia - Baltimore. This is the fastest passenger train operated by Amtrak and the pride of the company. It reaches speeds of 150 miles per hour on the fastest sections. 2)


The roomette is a small sleeping compartment for two people. The compartment is equipped with two beds, a folding table, a reading lamp for each bed, bed linen, and towels. Meals are included, as are toiletries for the shower. Toilets and showers at the end of the carriage. 3)

California Zephyr

California Zephyr is one of the most famous trains in the world. It runs from Chicago to Emeryville in the suburbs of San Francisco. The train is mainly chosen by tourists, who admire the beautiful scenery from the windows of the train passing through such places as the Rocky Mountains, the Cordillera, canyons, rushing rivers, and lakes. 4)

Coast Starlight

Coast Starlight train running from Seattle to Los Angeles, along the west coast of the United States. One of the most famous American trains. It is worth the trip for the unforgettable landscapes along the coastline. Beautiful landscapes are not just the ocean - the train passes the Cascade Mountains, forests, and valleys along the way. 5)

Southwest Chief

The Southwest Chief is another of America's notable long-distance trains. It runs three days a week between Chicago and Los Angeles. The journey takes over 40 hours. The train is connected with buses and trains taking passengers to Las Vegas and Santa Fe, among others. The train consists of cars with lounge chairs, sleeping cars, a dining car, and a panoramic car. 6)

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