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Introduced in 1985

The Amiga was first introduced in 1985 as a home computer that was designed to be more powerful than other computers of its time. 1)

Custom chipset

The Amiga featured a custom chipset that was able to display graphics and animation in a way that was not possible on other home computers. 2)


The Amiga's operating system, AmigaOS, was based on a preemptive multitasking kernel, which allowed for the running of multiple programs at the same time. 3)

The Amiga was popular among professional video editors and animators because of its ability to display 24-bit true color graphics and playback full-motion video. 4)

Great games

The Amiga was also popular among gamers, with many classic games such as “Elite,” “Lemmings,” “Shadow of the Beast,” and “The Secret of Monkey Island” being released for the system. 5)


The Amiga was the first home computer to feature hardware scrolling, which allowed for smooth scrolling in games and other software. 6)

Built-in sound chip

The Amiga was also the first home computer to feature a built-in sound chip, the Paula, which was capable of playing four-channel sound. 7)

Innovative graphics

Many Amiga games featured innovative graphics and sound effects that were not possible on other home computers at the time. 8)

Active community of developers

The Amiga had a large and active community of developers, who created a wide variety of software and games for the system. 9)

The Amiga was also popular in Europe, where it outsold the Commodore 64, its biggest competitor. 10)

Arcade and coin-op games

The Amiga was used in many arcade and coin-op games. 11)

Used in TV Studios

Amiga was also used in many TV studios, animation, special effects studios, and video post-production houses. 12)

Used in TV Studios

The Amiga had a large library of shareware, PD, and freeware software, games, and utilities. 13)

Built-in hard drive controller

The Amiga was the first computer to feature a built-in hard drive controller, which allowed for the use of hard drives for storage. 14)

Scientific and engineering simulations

The Amiga was not only used for games, but also for music composition and video editing, and scientific and engineering simulations. 15)

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