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American trading company is an American trading company, a joint-stock company founded in 1994 in Seattle. It deals with B2C e-commerce and operates the world's largest online store. 1) opened in the garage of Jeff Bezos

It was created on July 5, 1994, and launched from the garage of Jeff Bezos. The business was founded under the name of “Cadabra” (a reduced version of “abracadabra”). 2)

Just 1-click

The 1-click trademark is held by Amazon, which patented it in September 1999. On September 11, 2017, it expired in the U.S. The logo was reconfigured in 2000 with the gold line transformed into a smiling arrow picking out the “a” to “z.” In 2002, “And you're done” was added to the logo.3)

Amazon hasn't paid federal taxes in two years

In 2017 and 2018, Amazon paid no federal income taxes in the U.S. and while recording several billion dollars in sales per year, actually earned tax refunds worth millions of dollars. CNN claimed that Amazon's tax bill was zero because in years when they were losing money, they took advantage of provisions that allowed them to reduce potential taxes on income, as well as numerous other tax credits. Political officials have criticized Amazon for not paying federal income taxes. 4)

Amazon released a search engine in 2004,, which began a project named Block View, before the powerhouse search engine company Google had its “Street View” on its map application. Block view was a visual yellow page that allowed the street view of addresses and directions to their destinations to be seen by its users. 5)

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