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Miha Valič

Miha Valič (1978-2008) went down in mountain history as the first alpinist who climbed all 82 peaks of the Alps above 4000 meters within one season. He did it in 102 days from December 27, 2006, to April 7, 2007. Valič planned to accomplish his feat in 82 days, but weather conditions stood in his way. He died in 2008 while descending from the summit after reaching his first eight-thousander, Cho Oyu. 1)

Swiss National Park

The Swiss National Park is the largest nature reserve in Switzerland and the country's only national park. It is the oldest such protected area existing in the Alps. The beginnings of the national park are associated with the association “Pro Natura”, founded in 1909. Its activists led to the creation of the national park in 1914. In 1979 the park acquired the status of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. 2)


Savoy is a historical land in southeastern France, in the French Alps, on the border with Switzerland and Italy. Savoy includes the Savoy Alps with the Mont Blanc massif. Savoy became the driving force behind the unification of Italy. A ruler from the Savoy dynasty became the first king of Italy. However, in return for helping to unify Italy, Savoy itself was incorporated into France in 1860 by the Plombières Agreement (1858), supported by a referendum among the local population - the referendum did not include the option of remaining independent or becoming part of neighboring Switzerland. 3)

Seven Summits List

Richard Bass, an American businessman and mountain lover has set a goal to climb the highest peaks on Earth on each continent. He hired professional mountaineers to help him climb Mt. Everest, the most difficult of his seven. He summited the peak last on April 30, 1985. 4)


Rütli is a meadow located in the municipality of Seelisberg, considered the founding place of Switzerland and one of the national symbols. According to legend, in 1291, representatives of the three cantons of Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden met in this clearing on Lake of the Four Cantons and made a pact. It was to prevent the Habsburgs from taking over their lands. 5)

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