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Albert Einstein

Four groundbreaking papers

In 1905, within a few months, a young, widely unknown worker at the patent office from Bern, wrote and published a series of four groundbreaking papers. These papers fundamentally changed our understanding of physics and our look at the universe. 1)

Annus Mirabilis

The first was about the photoelectric effect (particle theory of light, proposed photon), the second explained Brownian motion (proof of the atom's existence), the third introduced special relativity (relation between space and time) and the fourth was about mass-energy equivalence (which led to the famous equation E=mc2). Albert Einstein was only 26 at the time. 2)

His brain was stolen

After Einstein died, his brain was stolen by a pathologist who kept it in a jar for 20 years. 3)

Thought experiment

Einstein's greatest advances in his work were achieved not through research, but through thought experiments he conducted in his own imagination. 4)

Money for the Nobel Prize

The money for the Nobel Prize went not to Einstein but to his wife, as part of the divorce settlement. 5)

President of Israel

Einstein was offered the position of President of Israel, which he turned down after some consideration. 6)

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