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Agatha Christie

Wrote more than 90 novels

Agatha Christie wrote more than 90 novels, novellas, and plays. They have been translated into 68 languages. 1)

One of the best selling authors

More than 2 billion Agatha Christie novels have been sold. 2)

Mary Westmacott

She also wrote under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott, under which she published several moral novels. 3)

The Mousetrap

“The Mousetrap,” which was first performed in London in 1952, has been staged more than 20,000 times. 4)

Hercules Poirot and Miss Marple

Agatha Christie created two famous literary characters, Hercules Poirot and Miss Marple. 5)


Agatha Christie also wrote “Curtain” during the war, when her husband went to the front. She put the written novel in a safe with a note that it was forbidden to be published before her death. The novel was published shortly before the author's death. 6)


Agatha Christie was the youngest of Clara and Frederick Miller's three children. 7)

Terrier named Peter

Agatha Christie had a nanny, did not attend school and was homeschooled. She had a beloved terrier named Peter. 8)

First book was written on a dare

Once Agatha made a bet with her sister who would write the better crime story. 9)

Archibald Christie

She also enjoyed balls and at one she met her future husband, a young Air Force officer named Archibald Christie. 10)

Husband's infidelity

Agatha Christie had no luck in love. 11)

Queen of chemistry

While on night duty at the pharmacy one night, the idea of writing a detective story inspired by her knowledge of poisons came to her. The result was her first detective story, in which she brought Hercules Poirot to life, The mysterious affair at Styles. 12)


Agatha Christie's grandmother was a model for Miss Marple's character. 13)

Publishing problems

Agatha sent her first novel to five publishers - all five rejected it. She still sent a manuscript to London's Bodley Head, but without conviction. 14)

Tea with Queen Elizabeth

Years later, Agatha Christie considered the two most exciting events in her life, her first car ride and tea with Queen Elizabeth. 15)

Mysterious disappearance

One evening Agatha got into her Morris Cowley and disappeared. The case of Agatha Christie's disappearance was never explained. 16)

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