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Nicotinic acid

Nicotinic acid, better known as vitamin PP or niacin, is essential to the proper functioning of the body. It is commonly found in plant and animal products and has nothing to do with smoking. 1)

Fluoroantimonic acid

Fluoroantimonic acid is a mixture of hydrofluoric acid (HF) and antimony pentafluoride (SbF5), which is the strongest known super acid. It is estimated to be 20 trillion times more powerful than concentrated sulfuric acid. 2)

pH of Coca Cola

Coca-Cola has a pH of 2.5, which is slightly higher than lemon juice and slightly lower than orange juice. Don't worry, it's not dangerous because our stomach has an acidic environment. 3)

Acid Rain

Acid rain is mainly caused by atmospheric pollution from sulfur dioxide, which forms sulfuric acid when dissolved in water. Sulfur dioxide is emitted during the burning of fossil fuels. In recent years, the percentage of nitric acid in acid rain has been increasing as a result of reducing sulfur dioxide emissions, but sulfuric acid is still the main culprit. 4)

Pure water pH

Pure water has a pH near 7 at room temperature, but this value decreases as the temperature increases. It is also worth noting that water exposed to air becomes slightly acidic due to the absorption of carbon dioxide. 5)

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