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100 Years Movie

November 18th 2115

The premiere is already scheduled for November 18th, 2115! The film, written by John Malkovich and directed by Robert Rodriguez, was locked in a safe in 2015. No one has access to the safe; it is set to open automatically in 2115. 1)


The film is part of the LOUIS XIII cognac promotion. The Remy Martin brand has managed to persuade one of the best actors, present in cinematography for almost 30 years, to collaborate in a collaboration that perfectly combines the world of film and alcohol. 2)

Remy Martin

The Remy Martin brand has been present in the world of film for a long time. As a sponsor of the Cannes Film Festival, they make sure that the setting of the festival is as unique as their beverage, showing limited editions of their spirits on this occasion. 3)

The safe

The film made with John Malkovich will premiere on November 18, 2115. By then, the safe in which Malkovich has placed the film's tape will have toured the world, starting in Hong Kong and eventually ending up at the House of LOUIS XIII - Domaine du Grollet, in Cognac, France. 4)

Each decanter requires 100 years of work

100 years is exactly how long it takes to create each bottle of Louis XIII Cognac. Each decanter requires 100 years of work by 4 generations of Cellar Masters. The grapes from which it is made are grown on the chalky soil of Grande Champagne, the most attractive yet smallest part of France's Cognac region, making eau-de-vie from this region the most expensive among Cognacs. 5)

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