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-====== The Mayans ======+====== The Maya ======
 ==== The heyday ==== ==== The heyday ====
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 The Maya did not know animal husbandry well. [([[|National Academy of Sciences]])] The Maya did not know animal husbandry well. [([[|National Academy of Sciences]])]
 +==== Crops ====
 +The Maya mainly grew maize and beans. [([[|Library & Information Science Network]])]
 +==== The gods ====
 +The gods the Maya believed in were personified by the forces of nature. [([[|Medcrave Online]])]
 +==== Afterlife ====
 +The Mayans believed in an afterlife. [([[|Ambergris Caye]])]
 +==== The way of maize ====
 +Corn was prepared in several ways to back then. For example, atole (a slurry similar to our porridge, to which pieces of fruit were added), posol (a semi-liquid dough), tamale (a vegetable, sometimes meat stew), tortillas (thin cakes baked on hot stones). [([[|Volt]])]
 +==== Liquid chocolate ====
 +Chocolate in liquid form was called the "royal drink" because only the aristocracy consumed this beverage. [([[|Godiva Chocolates]])]
 +==== Cocoa currency ====
 +Cocoa beans were currency at local Mayan markets. [([[|Legacy Chocolates]])]
 +==== Jade ====
 +Wealthy Mayans were posthumously fashioned masks of jade. These were to give them an "eternal face". [([[|The Culture Trip]])]
 +==== Sap tree ====
 +The Maya cultivated the chickle (sap) tree, whose sap is now used to make chewing gum. [([[|Rainforest Alliance]])]
 +==== Weaponcraft ====
 +The Maya made weapons primarily from flint and obsidian, a crystalline enamel of volcanic origin. [([[|Connecticut Science Center]])]
 +==== Fashion ====
 +Appearance and fashion were important to the Maya. Women wore numerous ornaments and colorful and bright outfits. Men painted their bodies and, after marriage, entrained their bodies with tattoos. [([[|Archaeology]])]
 +==== Calendar ====
 +The Mayan calendar, consisting of 360 days, was called the Haab. Additionally, they created a calendar with five days that they considered unlucky. They called this "unlucky" calendar the Uayeb. [([[|Canadian Museum of History]])]
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