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Longest bicycle

The longest bicycle in the world was crafted in 2015 by Santos and the University of South Australia. It was 135 feet and 10.7 inches long (41.42 meters). To prove that it was rideable, a group of cyclists rode it over a distance of 100 meters. They didn't use any stabilizers while doing so. 1)

Bicycle performance

Bicycles are very efficient, with up to 99 percent of the energy delivered to the wheels. Riding a bicycle is the most energy-efficient means of human transport. In fact, a man on a bicycle ranks first in energy efficiency among any traveling animals and machines. 2)


The French Count Mède de Sivrac built the first bicycle prototype in 1790. It was impossible to turn it. 3)

Modern bicycle

German inventor Karl Drais is credited with creating the modern bicycle. It was ridden by pushing off the ground with the legs. He patented this vehicle in 1818. 4)


Velocipede is the original name of the bicycle. 5)

Tricycles for seniors

There are special tricycles with comfortable seats for older adults. 6)

Hand bike

A hand bike is a bicycle for people with disabilities. Hands power it.7)


The two-person version of the bike is called a tandem. 8)

Bicycles in circus

Circus performers often use a unicycle for various tricks. 9)

Trekking bikes

The best bike for long-distance travel is a trekking bike. It is comfortable to ride even with heavy luggage. 10)

Race bikes

The fastest bikes are race bikes often called road bikes. They are ridden by professional cyclists. 11)

The lightest bike

In 2011, Fairwheel Bikes from Tucson, Arizona (USA) created the lightest bike in the world. Its weight is only 2.7 kg. It costs more than 40 thousand dollars. 12)

Tallest bicycle

Cuban Felix Guirola created the tallest two-wheeled bicycle in the world. It was as tall as 5.5 meters. 13)

Largest bicycle

The largest bicycle in the world was created by Didi Senft from Germany. It was 3.7 m high and 7.8 m long. 14)

More bikes than cars

In 2016, more bicycles (265,700) than cars (252,600) were recorded in Copenhagen for the first time. 41% of all trips within this metropolis were made by bicycle. The city government's goal is to increase this number to 50% before 2025. 15)

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